The ATT trading book

„How Successful Traders Think, Trade and Act“ is the ATT team`s first book. This is where the experiences of the past years come to light. This book is intended for ATT students to have a reference book, but is also directed at interested traders. This is where we give you the tools you need to get your trading skills onto a professional level. The book is suitable for beginners as well as advanced traders. No stories, no beating around the bush – just 200 pages of concentrated, practice-oriented teaching material. From the selection of the right software and broker, to the actual set-up when entering a trade. You learn that entering a trade is not the be-all and end-all. We intensively approach the subjects of trade management, discontinuation, partial sales and taking one`s profit.

Which category of trading books does the ATT trading book fit into?

The traders from ATT trade according to market technology. The aim is to find out where there is movement in the market. Many chart formations from the technical analysis can be explained by market technology. Basically, the technical analysis has nothing to do with market technology. Rather, it is important to think about the other market participants and to derive their actions from them.

Which trading book is the best one for me?

With the large number of books available on the market, it is difficult to recommend a specific book. It always depends on which category of traders you belong to. The personal investment strategy is determined depending on how much capital you manage and the time horizon you trade in – the literature should also be selected accordingly. ATT´s book gives you the ability to think like another trader and to draw your own conclusions for your personal trading. It does not matter in the least where you are currently situated and how big your average positions are. With the aid of market technology, you are led to success and can move safely through the markets with a lot of practice.

The advantages for you as a reader

  • The most important advantage for you as a reader is that you know that this book was written by genuine traders who make their money with this every day. The book was not written by theorists, but by people who generate continuous returns for their clients in asset management.
  • The book is written in a short and concise manner, and gets to the point.
  • You can further the knowledge you gain from this book with an additional professional trading education if need be. How many other authors offer professional training? I am certain that there are very few. This also shows you how fundamental the knowledge in the book is. We don’t just speak about it, we also act on it, and can show you that the application of the knowledge from the book also brings actual trading success.
Das Trading-Buch von ATT

Ali Taghikhan | Stefan Koblitz

Wie erfolgreiche Trader denken und handeln

Grundlagen und Strategien für erfolgreiches Trading
Hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN: 978-3-95972-018-2