Learn how to trade with ATT-Trading

If you want to learn how to trade, you need a competent and trustworthy partner in the microcosm of the trading world. To be able to successfully compete with all the other traders and remain a player in the long-term, some important steps are required in your personal development. ATT offers you a team of professional traders responsible for in-house asset management*, which lead you through a unique and comprehensive training programme.

Who we are - this is ATT-Trading

Trade like a professional

Trading is one of the most lucrative, but therefore also most difficult professions in the world. As is also the case with other professions, training in this field requires a lot of time and energy.

At the beginning of a trader’s learning process, and all other occupations for that matter, it is important to take in the right knowledge and theory. Only those who have been taught correctly and then manage to internalise the information, will have the path paved to become successful traders. This is then followed by the no less important and often lengthy learning or practice process, through which you can learn how to trade and get used to a particular routine that should become free of mistakes over time.

Where can I learn how to trade?

ATT offers you a sound training that takes at least three months. Whereby the learning process is not yet close to being completed after those 3 months. That is why we invite all our student, even after the three-month course, to a permanent membership in education and training. This allows beginners as well as advanced students to learn the tools of the trade.

Training programme

1.) Intensive week

Each and every training course at ATT begins with the intensive week, which is offered as an online or attendance seminar. You will get a step closer to becoming a successful trader in this intensive week, and learn the highly relevant and important theory all about professional stock trading.

ATT Schüler beim Traden lernen in Wien

2.) Support phase

Subsequent to the intensive week, in which all graduates are brought to the same level regarding their knowledge, the actual process of learning how to trade and the three-month training begin. During the course, webinars are held every day in which students and instructors go to the markets together to promote the learning process and trade together.

3.) Promotion of talents

The exceptional thing about ATT is the in-house, steadily growing asset management*, in which special talents have the opportunity to receive a place. The basic idea of why the ATT training concept was even launched at all is the internal promotion of individual talents and thus the further development of the asset management*.

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