Asset Management*

In cooperation with JFD Brokers, ATT offers a BaFin-registered professional asset management* with European accreditation. This financial portfolio management* is licensed by the CySEC according to MiFID for all EU Member States. In addition to the BaFin registration, registrations at the FCA in the UK and the ACPR in France are available.

The focus is on trading of the most liquid securities in the world such as stocks, currencies and futures. Capital protection is the top priority – thereby avoiding periods of loss through structured and strict risk and money management. The return expectations during a trading year are in the one to two-digit percentile range.

ATT pursues a concept of asset management *, in which special talents, who stand out during their training, are given the opportunity to undergo further training by means of an internship, and upon successful completion become traders in asset management*.

Asset management* is made up of talents

Talent development and promotion is the focus of ATT. The management of borrowed capital* requires special skills and is fundamentally differentiated from the private management of one’s own capital. These skills can only be learnt through a more intensive training of at least one year.

Basically, all students who have completed the 3-month ATT course have the opportunity to remain a part of the trading community, with the most talented traders given the opportunity to prove themselves during a subsequent internship. This is how some successful students from previous training groups demonstrated their talents and skills as traders and are now traders who manage borrowed capital* for ATT.

In addition to asset management*, all students are also involved in other areas such as the training of traders and the analysis of securities.

The path taken by ATT trading is based on the turtle-trader-principle. This principle has proven that anyone can manage to trade successfully on the stock market. Intensive training by professionals with years of experience in borrowed capital management is the key to success on this path to becoming a trader.

ATT's Vermögensverwaltung besteht aus eigenen Talenten