Since June of last year, the Swiss franc was able to make up a good 1300 pips against the yen. Since January, the signs have shifted and the Japanese currency has regained some ground once again.

A small but significant downward trend has formed, visible in the daily chart (image 1). This has already gone through a deep correction, meaning that is has become interesting for us once more. Renewed weakness in the franc could lead to a continuation of the downward trend and provide the possibility for a profitable short trade.


image 1 – daily chart


If a subordinate trend such as in image 2 develops, this could be used for trading. However, a general entry with a somewhat larger stop would also lend itself. Possible targets for initial profit takings would be the low of the last movement as well as the intersection between the trend line and trend channel.


image 2 – hourly chart


Before making an entry, one should take news from the appropriate countries into account. Similarly, one should also keep an eye on the interest rate development of the large economic areas and the commodities market.

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