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The US company DuPont is among the biggest chemicals groups in the world and is one of the Dow Jones 30 companies. It was founded in 1802 and distributes products in the sectors of agriculture, nutrition, electronics, building and also clothing. As part of this, DuPont sells many plastics. The stock is in an established upward trend and had most recently lost value. A buying opportunity? In this technical analysis, we will expand on that.


Clear upward trend in the day

In the daily chart, the upward trend is clearly visible. Until now, it was predominantly running above the SMA 200 and SMA 50, which is a very bullish characteristic. In the last few weeks, the prices have yielded somewhat and are now at the SMA 50, where the prices are pausing their correction a little. The trend break in the day would also take place at an important psychological price marker of 80 US dollars. Since the Dow Jones is also running in an upward trend, we can look for an entry in this value.


daily chart DuPont with trend target

daily chart DuPont with trend target


Trend formation in the hour?

Currently, no entry signals are to be seen in the hourly chart. We are waiting, therefore, for the formation of a trend, as has been drawn in. Entry opportunities are available in a classic situation at the P2 of the hourly chart, or subsequently from out of the correction. Entries are marked with blue circles.

If the prices significantly undercut the important 80-dollar mark, entry scenarios in the hourly chart are irrelevant. Initial partial sales for profit-taking should be made at the high of the superior trend, at 86 USD at the latest.


hourly chart DuPont with outlook

hourly chart DuPont with outlook


Before making an entry, one should take news into account. In addition, one should observe the overall market as well as the actions of the central banks.


Possible trading parameter

Entry: depending on the formation of the hourly trend, between 82 – 84 USD

Stop: depending on the formation of the hourly trend, under the last low

Target: target zones at 86 USD and 90 USD




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