ISIN: US30212P3038

Expedia Inc. is an American online travel agency that runs the website The company is listed in the Nasdaq as well as the S&P500, and has, in particular since the beginning of 2016, been able to register a price increase of over 50%. In the following paragraphs, the stock will be analysed from a technical point of view.


Review (image 1)

In the course of the last trading year, the price was not sustainably able to surpass the intermediate high at approx. $133.00 from the year 2015. Since then, a mid-term downward trend has formed, offering attractive chances for short entries.

image 1 – day (big picture)


Outlook (image 2)

The combination of two trend sizes running in the short direction and an acceptable correction up to the 61.8 Fibonacci level, which is simultaneously emerging as a correction zone of the smaller trend size and therefore a solid resistance area, makes the value even more attractive. It should also be mentioned that the higher volume in the downwards movements and the below-average volume in the current correction provide support too.

image 2 – day


Parameters for the short scenario:

Entry:               depending on the course, approx. $119.60 or $127.00
Stop:                 depending on the course, approx. $122.50 or $ 129.00
Target 1:           $112.00 – $113.00
Target 2:          $106.00 – $107.00
Horizon:           short to mid-term

Before trading, one should take into account news in the environment and from the company. Similarly, one should also observe the overall market.



Disclosure of possible conflicts of interest:
At the time of publishing this analysis, the author is not invested in the securities or underlyings discussed.