Hugo Boss AG is a German fashion company registered on the stock exchange in the stock index MDAX. The company is not only active in the fashion business, but also markets housewares and perfumes in addition. At the same time, Hugo Boss is one of the most well-known German designer brands. In the following paragraphs, the stock will be analysed from a technical point of view.


Review (image 1):

Since roughly mid-2015, the stock of the fashion giant has known only one path, and that was downhill. After a sideways phase of almost a year and over 59% loss in price, the value stabilised at the price level of €46.00 to €58.00.


image 1


Outlook (image 2):

Towards the end of 2016, the price successfully overcame the 200 SMA with an up-gap. Since then, a solid upward trend has formed in the daily chart, offering further potential upwards. Supporting this, we also have the higher volume in the upward movement as well as the trend line that has been run up to several times.


image 2


If the current corrective price weakness comes to an end before the low from 13.01.2017 at €54.57, then this stock will remain interesting in the long direction.


Parameters for a long scenario:

Entry:             depending on the progress, above 55€
Stop:               depending on the progress, below what will be the current interim low
Target 1:         approx. €63 – €64
Target 2:         approx. €69 – €70
Horizon:         short to mid-term

Before trading, one should take news in the surrounding environment and from the company into account. Similarly, one should also observe the overall market.




Disclosure of possible conflicts of interest:
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