Live Trading

There are several paths to a successful trading strategy. For example, you can try to find a profitable trading approach by simply trying it out. This is usually very time-consuming and cumbersome. Furthermore, one can try to acquire knowledge as an autodidact. With the multiplicity of approaches, this is just as time-consuming and cumbersome as the first method. Besides, you are likely to spend a lot of money on the stock market in both cases. We at ATT think that there is a distinctly more efficient way to learn how to trade. In our live trading webinars, we will give you some insight.

ATT live trading webinars

This is where the ATT team shows its skills. We open new trades live, show the management of already running trades and give our market opinion on the current situation. Be there when also the ATT students show their trades within the framework of live trading and prove that the training concept of ATT works. You get insights into the trade style of the ATT trading team and learn how to trade professionally and manage trades. The live trades take place regularly and are announced in a timely manner in the newsletter as well as on social media.

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What do we trade in during the live trading?

In our live trading webinars, we trade stocks, indices, Forex and commodities. Most trades take place in the form of stocks. Here we trade in the day and hour charts. For indices and Forex, it can also happen that we trade in 10-minute charts at short notice.

Which trading approach do we take in our live trading seminars?

ATT’s traders trade in market technology. So, we do not use any indicators or any kind of chart formations. Market technology alone is where we find our entries and exits.

Seminar highlights:

  • Live Trading
  • Discussions of the students among themselves
  • Insights into the trading strategy of the ATT trading team
  • Live trading with professionals
  • Directly asking the trading professionals questions
  • Explanation of the setups
  • Stock market psychology
  • Money management