Alper Seker

Hello to all traders and those to who want to become one,

I discovered the trading world 1.5 years ago. Already then I was so fascinated that I decided I wanted to earn money trading. The disillusionment came quite fast. As fast as the account was opened it was also blown up. I was missing the theory, so I started attending a vast number of webinars, watched videos on various video platforms and learnt various strategies.
The more knowledge, the better right? It must work now. Second attempt. Even then with an abundance of so called “knowledge” I couldn’t get past a short consecutive winning streak. I was missing consistency. “And so I sit, poor silly man, No wiser than when I began”

In the summer of 2014 I came across ATT and the offer for eduction. I always thought I could teach myself trading, but I was far off. I hesitated for a while before I decided to accept the offer. I had to start somewhere because the longest journey starts with the first step. I contacted Ali and was subscribed to the first education group in 2015.

The intense seminar started with ease. It turned out that the whole week was in an easy but demanding rhythm. With the introduction the foundation of the following days was forged. With this the instructors Ali and Oliver were able to pick up every participant on our common journey. Nobody should be left behind. It was important for Ali as well as Oliver that everyone understood the material. Only then did they continue. This was the first time I recognized a structure in trading that I was missing beforehand. The following days were more intense and more demanding. Ali and Oliver know how to deliver the substance to the man. The beginning doesn’t know the end. Even at the end of the intensive seminar, it doesn’t mean that we are left alone. No, on the contrary, you are at least 3 months together in the community. That’s how the learning experience is continued.

In conclusion I would like to thank Ali and Oliver for this very sobering and informative week.I am already looking forward to further cooperation with you and my trader colleagues. I hope I can still take part in this journey for a long time, because there is no end as long as you don’t provoke it yourself.

Alper Seker

Even at the end of the intensive seminar, it doesn’t mean that we are left alone