Christina Zadoorian

Hey Trader fellows,

I always asked myself the question: Can everyone learn to trade?After the intense training-course I know the answer: Yes, but only if you have the right instructor and a wide support after the training-course.

How did I find my instructur?

After I looked at some charts from the Facebook-Group of DTT I was wondering how the traders were able to find such good entrys and exits. The traders of this group told me, that they learned everything from their instructor Ali Taghikhan. And because of this I directly got in touch with Ali, who offered me a training-course for october. Fortunately I was able to paticipate in the september course so I could finally learn the neccessary knowledge.

The education program includes one week of training and a 3 month support after the training week. You have the opportunity to ask questions everyday in different video-sessions and chatrooms.

Already on the very first day of the education program I realized that Ali is a very experienced professional trader. He always told us, that we need to know how the big players trade the market. During the training week Ali used a webinar software the whole day to teach us all we need to know, so everyone could improve his knowledge of trading. The participants had different knowledge about training, but the training week is for beginners as well as traders who already have some knowledge and experience.

The whole program is really good for employed people because the program offers also sessions in the evening. Ali showed us how everyone can trade succesfully without any stress or rush.

The training week was not a monolog lecture, but rather Ali ask a lot of questions so that every participant had to think for oneself, and because of this it was much easier to learn the new content. The week was quite exhausting because you needed a very high level of concentration the whole time.

I also liked the fact, that we learned how to trade without any indicators.

I would like to thank Mr. Ali Taghikhan for the training week and I am really looking forward to work together with the instructors and all the other trader fellows.

Ali showed us how everyone can trade succesfully without any stress or rush.