Ioannis Alexiou

Hey traders,

I would like to thank Ali and all the particpants for the great training week we had. Especially I would like to thank god, that he directed me to Ali who opened my eyes and because of the training week I made a huge step to become a professional trader.

I can recommend the whole training program to everybody regardless of whether your are a beginner or already have some experience in trading. A good friend and trader collegue of mine told me about DTT and after the Info-Webinar I decided to make the training week. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical, because we all know how many unserious training programs are offered in the trading business.

Ali made a very professonal impression and he attested it everyday since then. The training week is not a simple monolog where the participants are just listening and forget most of the facts afterwards. Instead it´s a intellectual challenge for everybody because everyone has to be completely mentally enganged all the time. I have to admitted that my pulse rate got sometimes quit high like I was doing sport. Nevertheless it was still a very friendly and easygoing atmosphere. I also assign a lot of value to the 3 month support after the training week and I don´t know any training program that can compare to this.

I started trading about 4 years ago and tried to make progress by myself. I read a lot of books, went to workshops and tried to do everything to become a good trader. But after a while I was somehow lost because I gained a lot of knowledge but my trading didn´t became better. Trendlines, Fibos, Bollinger, MACDs, RSI, EMA, SMA, ICHIMOKU….total insanity!

Today I know what mistakes I made, because I learnd to trade from a professional trader. During the training week we learned that you have to be honest to yourself. This is not so easy as it sounds, but it´s necassary to become successfull in the trading business. Ali showed us how we have to think and how we have to look at the market. Of course we all have to put in a lot of work everyday to improve ourself, but because of Ali we know how we have to do it.

I´m really looking forward working together with all the traders in our community and I gained even more passion for trading.

Thanks again for everything, Ali!

Today I know what mistakes I made, because I learnd to trade from a professional trader.