Jorge Freyer

Hello everyone,

“Every trader is only as good as its training” – I have read this somewhere. If this is true, I am very fortunate to have enjoyed this training at ATT trading.

I can recommend this highly for all individuals who are serious about trading professionally. Ali and Oliver share their knowledge clearly in a comfortable yet very accurate way, and there is always an aha effect. The group is deliberately kept small so that the instructor can respond to each individual. Everything is explained patiently, no question will be ignored and each topic is very well explained until everyone has understood it.

I had already completed some seminars and webinars, had tried a lot in the last 2 years and already found a trading style. But I was still not trading profitably. Have you also experienced that? Having the feeling that you are shortly before a break-through, but not knowing what was missing? This happened to me for a long time. But now after this week I am more confident that together with the support, I finally have all the tools to become a profitable trader.

What you get at ATT-trading is an “all-round package” that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I look forward to the support even more than the intensive week seminar, because I will put theory into practice. And the best part is that you are not alone, but are looked after by true professionals. I am looking forward to a long, informative and successful time at ATT trading. Thanks to Ali and Oliver!

Jorge Freyer

What you get at ATT-trading is an “all-round package” that I haven’t seen anywhere else