Martin Schygula

One week with Ali – my summary

I have to admit that I was wary at first when I heard about Ali’s project for the first time. Every came very unexpected, one week intense seminar and then 3 months of support on the server sounded somehow too nice to be true. Then during the info webinar I got the feeling that I could learn a lot from Ali. When you have already dealt with trading then you get a feeling for something like this. Speaking with him personally gave me the confirmation. At least now I was certain that I want to be part of it and that it could be a great opportunity to have found the right seminar out of the many possible offers.

In retrospect I must say (without exaggerating) that it was the best thing that could have happened in my trading career. After a week my view of the markets changed completely. I can’t even imagine how I used to execute certain trades in the past.

Now I understand and am more conscious what happens when there is market action. I have come full circle with many things. I can absolutely recommend Ali on a professional and on a personal level. He taught us with skill, charm and wittiness what is really important in the markets. He cleaned up my thought processes and brought structure into my trading. Ali showed us clearly: the stock market is no hocus-pocus. We were taught to be demanding and not to run after every pip by staring at the candle sticks the whole day. It is not the quantity but the quality of the trades that makes us earn money in the markets.

Ali shows one the essentials and what really counts in trading. Everything is made clear with a hands-on approach on current charts and trades, repeating it over and over again until everyone understands. He announced trades in advance before the markets made big moves and he was right over and over again very relaxed and without stress. Now after the seminar I understand how this works. Not only is the fundamental knowledge conveyed, but we are also given 3 months support on the server to fine tune our obtained knowledge.

I want to advise everyone: seize the opportunity, who knows how long this will be available! Compared to a week ago, I now have the confidence and ease trading. I know what I am doing. No hoping and praying with fear. My trading has become much more relaxed.

I am really utmost pleased to have been given this opportunity and most importantly to have seized the opportunity!! Ali, on that note I want to thank you so much again for everything!

In retrospect I must say that it was the best thing that could have happened in my trading career.