Mirko Zuechner

Hello Friends,

Also I have participated in the seminar carried out by Ali and also I like to hugely express praise. Surely I was sceptical in the beginning, that’s absolutely normal, everyone of us knows how many black sheep there are out there who hold poor seminars.

I though I must seize this opportunity to learn something new and of course we are not given the possibility to learn something from a pro every day. Also to have the opportunity for a trial period with DTT and have a better chance to succeed with a better education.

And I have not regret it since!
On the contrary My world of trading has been turned upside down. It was a very intense seminar. Similar as my friend Walid sees it, we have discussed and worked through many examples, no one-way monotonous lecture, intense participation and thought was expected of us. We were always wondering how Ali trade these large moves, how he was always able to announce these market moves( Crystal ball??) Hmm , now after the seminar week I know how, thanks to Ali. I am no longer a beginner who is foolishly stopped out and doesn’t know why. I see and understand the markets, I know what to consider and now I have the right view that I was missing before.

Understanding the market and how larger moves are created, the composition of trends and so much more, now I have finally understood. Already after the third day we discussed and traded the German Bund and I could profit from a large move, because I understood now how it works and I couldn’t have done it before.

Also I can recommend it to anyone seriously interested and who doesn’t want to keep paying dearly and learning the hard way. Ali answers every question and takes time for everyone. That’s why I believe it’s a good thing that he hold small seminar groups so everyone can profit. We are also not left alone during the trial period. We are connected on the server where we exchange ideas with one another. That means we are together every day and also Ali and other more experienced traders are there to help us improve the acquired know-how and support us.

This is something unique you won’t find anywhere else, where pros support you for free for 3 months and discuss trades with you. We exchange ideas on a live server with each other and Ali and the others will help us. I am looking forward knowing that do not have to be alone anymore and to have the pros on my side. Whoever doesn’t accept this opportunity only have themselves to blame. I am happy to have made the step and notice the added value it has given me not having to be the looser sitting on the table. Thank you again so much Ali!

Whoever doesn’t accept this opportunity only has themselves to blame