Shane Cunningham

Hello Traders

Before I started the education I have been trading full time for about a year. I had option strategies, calendar spreads and scalp trades in the index and commodities markets in my repertoire.

Ich have read many books, used a few trading services and visited a seminar. I traded the markets full of eagerness and was in search of the holy grail, used many different indicators and programmed backtests, continuously changing my strategy. I had the feeling that the best strategy had to be as complex and sophisticated as possible and should always be fine tuned.

What I learned at Ali’s course and after 5 months of intense support had really opened my eyes. The consistency and simplicity of the setups, to track your personal development with reflection and ongoing involvement in the group, to patiently execute one trade after another with a strict set of rules without feeling the financial pressure had helped me enormously.

The most import thing is that I have finally found my strategy, because it is intuitive to me and psychologically easy to execute. The intensive seminar was the best thing that had happened in my trading career. I was sceptical in the beginning, because the company was still in start-up phase, but Ali was very professional and a great teacher, patient so everyone understands the material.

He explained us comprehensively and logically how the trade setups are built up and how we manage them once filled. His strategies emphasize the concept of having clear, non interpretable signals. I was very impressed with the thought of having institutional trading principles as a role model, strictly speaking, not accepting any drawdown, because as a rule this draw down can be quickly counterbalanced with a reentry, which is psychologically demanding in practice.

The key component that ATT Trading offers and how they differ from conventional training programs is that they offer professional assistance and the possibility to someday trade with company equity. Some traders in the group have already achieved this.

No matter if you are fully employed or full time trader, everyone has a chance to build a successful trade history with patience and diligence and to be nominated as a new trader by the directors. I am looking forward to a long lasting, informative and successful time trading with ATT.

The intensive seminar was the best thing that had happened in my trading career