SNH Tageschart

ISIN: US81721M1099

Senior Housing Properties Trust is an American Real Estate Investment Trust that primarily invests in retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals and independent residential properties in the USA. The following analysis will go into more detail on the company stock from a technical point of view.

Review (daily chart)


SNH Tageschart

SNH daily chart review


Short-term outlook (hourly chart)

In the hourly chart, the correction should be regarded as the current downward trend, which is depicting our signal trend and which first has to turn around. In order to find a nice entry, we should wait for the formation of a signal e.g. in the form of the price surpassing an hourly P2, and place the stop below the last hourly P3.

Alternatively, and with the advantage of a cheaper stop, one can also apply trading from out of the correction in the upward trend that will then occur in the hour. For the 1st target, we have the area around 22.45 USD, and as the 2nd target, the area around 23.60 USD (green zones).

If the area of the last significant low at 19.20 USD is considerably undercut, one should refrain from the long scenario.


SNH Stundenchart

SNH hourly chart with outlook


Before trading, one should take news in the environment and from the company into account. Similarly, one should observe the overall market.




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