Trading signals for Forex, stocks and indices

ATT’s signal service* is aimed at experienced and inexperienced traders who want to improve their performance with the help of trading signals. ATT’s trading team communicates their concrete trading ideas with Stoploss via SMS, email and a live dashboard to their customers on the website. The clients can then follow the trading signals almost in real-time. Even after the opening, the customer is not left alone with the position, the entire trade management is communicated in real-time until the position is completely closed. We mainly concentrate on trading signals for the stock market, but also trades in indices and Forex are regularly sent out. Sign up today for a free 2-week test phase and try out the signal service*, it is non-binding.

Which stocks are traded in?

In our trading signal service*, we trade in Forex, stocks, indices and commodities. However, we primarily concentrate on US stocks with high volumes, this enables a good performance even with larger accounts. We also trade in currencies and indices, depending on the overall market situation.

Can I try out the trade signals?

We have a free 14-day test phase. During this time, you will be able to get to know us and to assess whether the signal service is feasible for you. This ends automatically, so it is completely non-binding and no cancellation is necessary.

ATT signals provides you with real-time trading signals for stocks, Forex and indices. Subscribers of our signal service* receive clear entries with detailed trade management instructions. Subscribe now to ATT Trading’s signal service* and profit from the outstanding performance of our experienced traders.

The trading signals contain the following information:

Entry Level:

This is where you will be given the trading prices, to which you should set the ‘stop’ or ‘stop-limit-order’ of the trade with your broker. So that you have enough time to cancel the order, we give you the signal in a timely manner.

Target price:

The target prices or prices are always set where other market participants are also likely to make profits. It is useful to take the profits from the places we propose, as this is an integral part of our trade logic.


The stop prices are generally set at prominent points in the chart. But they are never exactly on the point since the “Marktrauschen” must be taken into account.

Position variable:

We also communicate the position variable for the order since this is an integral part of our risk management. If a signal has a lower relevance or profit probability, the position variable is adapted. The adaptation also takes place with a higher signal relevance.

Copy trading* with JFD Brokers

Together with our partner JFD, we have created copy trading. Here, the ATT trading team trades directly on your account. With short-term trades in the Index and Forex area, we realise a totally market-independent return for you. In copy trading, the trading signals are converted directly on your account. The position size is adjusted to your account size. You have the advantage that you do not have to spend time trading. But you can always directly observe the results of our trading on your behalf. Another advantage of copy trading is that we can implement shorter-term trades because we do not have to take the time to implement the trades through the signal receiver. We aim to achieve a return in the double-digit percentile range per year. You have full access to your account and see exactly which trades ATT opens and closes on your account.