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Trading Ausbildung in Wien

We have divided the training at ATT into two training parts so that the knowledge has a lasting effect. We begin with the intensive week and thereafter accompany our students through a three-month practical phase. We hereby differentiate ourselves from other providers as we accompany our students in daily trading.

We cannot promise you the super trading system with a guaranteed profit. There is no trading strategy that can be successfully implemented just like that. We focus on the important trading rules and lead you towards your own profitable trading style.

1.) Intensive week

Training at ATT Trading always starts with an intensive week. This is offered in two different variants and takes 5 days.

a.) Trading training in Germany/Austria:

The presentation event takes place at a hotel. We offer events in Austria and Germany. The advantages here are that you can get to know the trading trainers directly and talk to them during the programme. In addition, you will get to know the other students with whom you will be working together in the web sessions during the subsequent 3-month practical phase.

b.) Online trading training:

The online trading training takes place in an online webinar. With this kind of virtual trading training you have the same opportunities of learning as you would at the abovementioned event. In principle, the only thing that is different is the personal contact.

This intensive week builds the foundation for the subsequent practice phase whereby, above all, the theoretical knowledge is conveyed and taught. The intensive week is not just the name – it is actually intense and takes place from 9:00 to 18:00 daily. The event is led by at least two ATT instructors, with the students taking an active role in the training. The process is designed in such a way that any and every question can be answered by the instructors. This ensures that no questions remain unanswered at the end of the intensive week.

For whom is the trading training useful?

  • Beginner
  • Advanced trader
  • Experienced trader

There are no prerequisites to start a training programme at ATT. Regardless whether you are a beginner, have already read one or two books about trading, or have even already gained your own experience in the market. Even experienced stock traders will experience some “aha” moments. A corresponding educational background can accelerate the success of your own development during the training, but it does not necessarily have to.

Trading training in Vienna
Trading training online

What is the intensive week comprised of?

  • The basics of stock market trading (e.g. the market actors/participants, price formation etc.)
  • Information on different capital market products and insturments
  • Choosing the right broker
  • Technical tools/aids for trading (software, data feed, news pages)
  • Trend recognition
  • Entry setups
  • Trade management
  • Risk and money management
  • Ways to exit

At the end of the intensive week you will be ready for the 3 months that are to follow, and ready to put the newly acquired knowledge into practice.

2.) Practical training / phase

After you have successfully completed the intensive week, your 3-month practical phase begins. The learned basics are finally applied. In daily webinar sessions, our instructors will work together with you and other students to develop and train you in professional trading. The daily meetings are characterised by gaining practical experience and learning to have a routine. Trades are discussed in the aftermath, but also before you enter your trading idea. Within the framework of this practice phase, additional webinars are regularly held to repeat the theoretical knowledge. We accompany you through your first steps and your first trades. The instructors will also gladly answer your questions at any time during the webinars and provide support and advice.

When do the trading webinars take place?

The webinars, or sessions, take place daily on working days. If you are not able to participate in every daily session you have the option to watch each session as a recording in our internal ATT forum. If you work fulltime and only have time in the evenings, we offer a session, in addition to our morning and afternoon sessions, in the evening as well. The watchlists prepared by the participants during the sessions are also available to all students. The more actively you participate in the sessions, the better your chances of progressing fast.

Which advantages does the trading coaching offer me?

The main advantage of trading coaching is that you get feedback from experienced traders. Without this feedback, it is much more difficult to make progress. The period within which progress takes place is hereby shortened.

In addition, coaching within a trading training saves you a lot of money. If one considers how much (empty) money you invest into the stock market before you make a profit. In comparison, the cost of professional training is relatively low.

Furthermore, the individual strategy and problems of each individual are discussed. In this way, the temporal proximity and one`s own trading style can be considered.

Summary of the advantages of trading coaching:

  • Feedback from experienced traders
  • Mistakes are directly discussed
  • Solutions for individual problems
  • Fast progress
  • Saves costs

How long does the coaching take?

You decide how long the coaching takes. We offer all our students the opportunity to continue with the webinar sessions after the 3-month practical phase. We have a subscription model available for this. This ensures that everyone can continue developing themselves in the trading community even after the regular time period.

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